Resistance Bands

Resistance Bands

  • PREMIUM QUALITY RESISTANCE BANDS: FitTrimX resistance bands are made from the finest quality fabric and latex. Each resistance band is highly durable with long-lasting elasticity. They are easily washable and won’t lose their color
  • NON-SLIP AND COMFORTABLE: FitTrimX exercise bands ensure easement and avoid any discomfort or skin pulling during exercise. They can be worn on bare skin and won’t irritate the skin like rubber bands nor roll up during a workout
  • RESISTANCE BANDS SET OF 3: FitTrimX provides a set of 3 bands with different strengths; blue is the least resistant and is perfect for beginners, grey has medium resistance while black is highly resistant and is ideal for athletes
  • LIGHTWEIGHT AND PORTABLE WITH MESH BAG: FitTrimX fitness bands are lightweight and come with a mesh bag making it easier for you to carry the bands and workout wherever you want whether it’s in the gym, home or even at the park
  • IMPROVE YOUR OVERALL FITNESS: FitTrimX exercise bands are perfect for all workout types; from yoga to Pilates to squat and glute workouts to your own at-home or gym exercise programs, these training bands are your go-to option


FitTrimX brings you the finest quality fabric resistance bands.

– Our booty bands are sturdy, strong, tear-resistant, and super comfortable.

– These workout resistance bands are layered and highly durable, they’ll last a long time and pose no threat of snapping while working out.

– The fabric of each booty band is manufactured to provide gripping tracks inside to ensure that there is no rolling, sliding, or slipping.

– Our leg resistance bands are extremely comfortable and are designed to be used on bare skin without causing any itchiness or scratches.

– These cloth resistance bands are very lightweight and easily storable. You can hang these resistance bands on a hook after exercising, or coil them up to store them in a box or drawer.

– FitTrimX resistance loops come in sets of 3 with different levels of resistance providing you with more flexibility and options for your exercise routine. Whether you’re a beginner or a fitness enthusiast, our resistance band will complement your workout needs perfectly

– These low-level hip band can warm up your entire body while the high-level glute band can activate your glutes, legs, thigh and other muscle groups.

– Maintaining balance is of utmost importance while doing squats or deadlifts and these thick glute bands can help you create balance and avoid collapsing.

– Train your thighs, legs, hamstrings, core, calves, and arms with our heavy resistance bands by using these stretchable fabric resistance bands for your squats, leg muscle building workouts, hip activation, strengthening routines, and to build up your glute muscles.

– These heavy resistance loop bands can engage your targeted area and help you achieve your powerful, strong, and beautiful dream body.


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